The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
— Alice Walker


Imagine believing that aging is a gift, knowing that you can live with vitality, free from limitations imposed by society or inner expectations. Imagine making decisions that open you to self-designed possibilities that support your comfort and happiness.

YOU can own that optimistic edge which helps you resolve challenges and connects you to people of all ages and walks of life.

Fear of aging is insidious, hidden, and often not talked about openly. Unfortunately, avoidance of the topic can lead to personal conflict. It can be difficult to change your perspective about aging because of long-standing fears, limited beliefs, denial, guilt, whatever. Now is the time to step up, take charge and get fearless.

When fears are helpful, they protect you from danger. When fears and stereotypes are not helpful, they can be internalized and turn into anxiety and prevent you from seeking the life you want.

I have helped hundreds of women to skillfully reconstruct a way forward that turns fear into empowerment, builds resilience and creates the life women want.

One on one coaching is where transitions happen personally, quickly, and privately via telephone.

Together we isolate issues you face, break down resistance to clarify issues, examine them deeply and create new options that lead to better choices and better outcomes. Fearless aging is about getting clear on what you want and setting up ways for you to make it happen. Resistance to what you want is stopping you now. Getting fearless is shining the spotlight on that resistance and creating a work-around that expands options. You learn how to reach your desired results through baby step changes. You know they work because they are gentle, self-loving, growth-enhancing and the results are experienced to prove it.

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