About Pat Sanborn

Pat with her Dad and brother

My childhood was diverse and interesting to say the least. My two brothers and I were “Navy kids;” relocating up to three times a year was the life we came to appreciate. I loved each “fresh start” and approached it as an adventurous new beginning. In retrospect, I attribute much of my resilience and adaptation to change to my effervescent childhood.

Midlife came on strong and pivotal changes arose. I learned quickly that skirting around the edges or avoiding discomfort was not a successful path. I discovered that in order to “get out” of challenging situations, I had to go in and through them.

It was at that point, I started my career in health education. After writing my master’s thesis on the body’s homeostasis for disease prevention, I discovered that many people also desire “fresh starts,” and look for ways to improve their health.

I have cherished and endorsed wellness, health education, and disease prevention over the span of 4 decades. While working as a health educator, I was caring for my mother following her serious fall. An interesting turn of events happened when I realized I had more questions than answers. I took a class in gerontology which lead to completing a second master’s degree. I have worked as a health gerontologist for the last 2 decades. 

After listening to countless adult children say they “don't want to age like their parents”— who had multiple chronic conditions and medications with side-effects —I set out to bring cutting edge education, prevention and empowerment to the forefront along with creating personalized methods of self-care.

By JOINING THE Fearless Aging movement, MORE WOMEN WILL BE able tO INCREASE options for THEIR SUSTAINABLE vitalitY! 



1976 Bachelors Degree, Physical Education, Fresno State University

1978  Masters Degree, Health Science, San Jose State University

1999 Masters Degree, Gerontology, San Francisco State University

2005 Trainer, Matter of Balance, Sonoma County Health Services

2013 Certificate in Stages of Change, Pro-change Behavior Systems

2014 Certificate in Health Advocacy, UC Berkeley

2014 Wellness Inventory Certification, Well People