We women are often conditioned to care for others … spouse, children, friends and relatives. We know that role well and may fall into it automatically, sometimes brining resentment and sometimes bringing joy.  

What we don’t do from an early age is listen to our own heart, take care of ourselves, know what we want, ask for and get what we want or build resilience for the long haul. If we did that the annual cost of medical care for elders would be cut in half. 

Habit change for the years ahead invites a deeper dive to learn which of your current habits are leading you toward immobility, dependence on others, running out of money, knowing about your resources or flat out living the life you want. If you are not walking your talk, you will end up somewhere you don’t want to be. If you choose to thrive as you age, that may be a different path. How do you know the path you need to get what you want? 

This is where fearless aging steps in. It offers a 3-step process that leads you to situations that stir your anxiety and keep you awake at night, like …

How do you want to live out your years? What do you want to happen differently? What do you not want to happen? Will you have a disease that consumes your energy? What if you have grandchildren and great grandchildren who want you to play with them? Or a health condition that challenges you to the core?  A great relationship with your husband or a blossoming romance if he dies? Use your imagination … open yourself to new possibilities ... let’s get fearless to make them happen.

Does your habits lead you down a rabbit hole? Do yesterday’s strategies no longer work? Change that is made earlier in life gives you time to perfect it. Most 90-year-olds don’t change habits, they make the best of what they have. Changing habits when many options exist is prime time to alter your course. 

If nothing else, you learn to take life as it comes and befriend it with wisdom, grace and charity for all.