A Workshop to Power-Up Future Life Choices

Longevity is a new frontier, are you prepared?
Need some course correction? Remember, the Titanic would have missed the iceberg if it had veered 1 degree, 1 mile sooner! 

Fearless Aging teaches you how to take the guesswork out of creating a compelling vision for your future: Would you rather watch TV for 49 hours a week OR take advantage of your skills, talents, and GROW?


What are you afraid of?

  • Can I really envision and create the life I want for the last third of my life?

  • What will aging mean for me?

  • Who will take care of me when I get old?

  • Do I have to work until I die?

  • What do I want to do differently?


How do you envision and create vibrant longevity?

You have more choices than you think – in this workshop, learn to:

  • Personalize aging strategies

  • Improve lifestyle options

  • Thrive into longevity


Our Fearless Speaker

Our Fearless Speaker

About Pat Sanborn, MA, MS

Pat is a health gerontologist, healthy ager, and founder of Fearless Aging. Her lifelong passion is helping people optimize their well-being and thrive through healthy lifestyle choices. With two master’s degrees —health education and gerontology — Pat has been a health planner for communities, government, and corporations. Sage Solutions, her business of 20 years, is expanding awareness of Fearless Aging that empowers women in midlife to create long and vibrant lives.

Who should attend:

Women in midlife who know that life can be better and want to make changes.


Workshop details:

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Time: 10 am - 12 pm

Location: Chroma Gallery, 312 S. A Street, Santa Rosa, CA

Cost: $47, pre-registration is required, no walk-ins