Aging Fearlessly: Self-Care vs. Self-Neglect

It’s critical to address conventional myths about aging in order to realign ourselves with a positive and empowered mindset. Let’s forge forward, aging visibly with pride, rather than hiding behind the rafters of doubt, denial, or our internalized, perhaps limited beliefs of what aging means.

I know aging and I walk my talk. Aging fearlessly… in fact, successfully—has been my passion for over 3 decades. I have worked with elders and their families for over 30 years, after caring for my own mother with Alzheimer’s for 8 years. I come to you at the forefront of “successful aging” (it may not be what you think!),  ready to share my knowledge of what’s missing, what’s possible, and how to make it happen.

The question is… Are YOU ready for your own aging journey? It’s time to ask the harder questions if you want to move through challenges and create more ease in your life. Do you believe getting older is depressing? Do you fail to notice the joy in your own aging process? Do you want to live longer, with a high-quality of life as the seasons move beside you?

You must start at the beginning with a strong focus on self-care. You may have noticed that “self-neglect” is a word that is often used when speaking about ourselves or our elders. It’s an insidious problem that’s everywhere. While too much focus on“self-neglect” can instill fear and color your feelings with discord, it is real and must be taken seriously.

Here’s a fact: The Aging Life Care Community (ALCA) reports that self-neglect amongst seniors is the most common form of non-financial elder abuse, outpacing physical or sexual abuse. I define self-neglect as “an inability to perform essential daily self-care practices.”

From my experience, I see that the Boomer Generation, especially women, understand and acknowledge that being self-aware is not selfish. At times this goes against the mainstream voice that demonizes self-care as self-serving only. Consider airline emergency instructions—“place the air mask on your face first, before helping another.”

The transition from self-neglect to self-care happens when awareness becomes a daily habit… Discovering what you can do for yourself today is the starting point; learning to reverse tendencies towards self-neglect is the journey.

My intention is to broaden your perspective about your future, create more vibrancy in your life, and help you to implement and sustain effective and revitalizing self-care practices.