Healthy Aging Choices

Recently, I met a woman in her 70’s. She was experiencing health complications due to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes Type II, and heart disease. Her symptoms first appeared when she was in her 50’s, but because she didn’t know her choices, she now suffers with chronic illness.

You Have Healthy Aging Choices!

As a Health Gerontologist, I am able to help people age wisely using better health practices. We know that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are best managed with medications. Diabetes Type II and heart disease, however, can be managed by determining risk factors, discerning current lifestyle behaviors, and taking incremental steps to create and implement new, healthy lifestyle practices.


My new friend and I discussed various components of a healthy aging plan specific to her needs. We came to an agreement about necessary steps to take, put support in place, and created our plan. She had no idea how much choice was within her control. She just didn’t know her options, so she failed to realize her potential. And so our work began…

Bring Your Creative, Flexible Mind to Healthy Aging.

The easiest way to create awareness around your behaviors is to bring a creative, flexible mind to the situation. This allows you to stay open and fosters willingness to begin to entertain new ideas. This type of flexibility improves your chances to take action.

This is why I am so passionate about the program I have designed in the second half of my career as it helps women take control of their present and future health by defining goals and building a plan to succeed. When you create a plan, your future becomes manageable; your choices become empowering.

I helped this woman in her 70’s choose to eat nutritiously, read labels, replace favorite foods with healthy substitutes, increase exercise, and decrease portion size. Worksheets were created to manage her plan and monitor weekly progress.

I encourage you to join one of my monthly Free Teleclasses to start to create a Healthy Aging Plan.

At the beginning, choice awareness can be overwhelming. Believe me, after all the 100’s of people I have helped, I know! But choice awareness with the help of an expert can simplify the process for you. My Fearless Aging program will help you focus on the choices that make the difference in accomplishing your goals.

There will always be challenges in life, but when you learn to discern, describe, decide and do what is needed, you will be amazed at the choices you actually do have.