Grow old along with me, the best in life is yet to be

I think of myself as Healthy Ager in an aging society. I listen to fellow agers count their woes, digging deeper with every sentence, creating a hole so big a truck could drive through it. Then I lock into their stare and I see fear; they are describing their fears but they do not know it. Fears of a worsening condition or fears of not knowing how to manage a solution to a better life. Meanwhile, their brain is hearing exactly what was said and it believes what is being said; resistance builds. How to stop this negative spiral from stereotypes that they have heard, learned to believe and over time live with? I feel it is my job to try to provide a rope to help them lift out.

My online courses and presentations are designed to elicit an emotional response because most of the information fearful agers have access to are provided externally by way of negative stereotypes, such as films, TV, media, movies, books, the Web, greeting cards, etc; sources that provide information for other reasons than to empower their audience.  My approach is to connect with people on a deeper level and help them gain awareness to negative stimuli that slants the playing field to disadvantage their growth in their Third Stage of life.

I hear many similar stories about “I did not know I had choices about my aging”, “I do not want to age like my parents”, “If I knew I would live this long, I would have made changes a long time ago”.

My answer to most questions often starts with: “How is your life going now and would you like to be living life with more vitality?” People often pause, not knowing they have not asked themselves that question, not knowing they had that power to consider lifestyle change or the permission to expect more out of life.

Does this question stimulate your curiousity about your own aging journey?