My Theory of Longevity

I have a theory that longevity is based on excellent self-care!

Perhaps this seems like common sense, but for many people, the idea of “longevity” is something that exists outside of our own influence or control. If this is your belief, it’s not your fault; it is society that struggles with the concept of good self-care. These days, the idea of good self-care is a day at the spa or a 12-step program that over promises results.

I have a different definition of self-care—a deliberate and self-initiated action that is learned, purposeful and consistent. In the most practical sense this means health decisions that you make for yourself in order to stay physically and mentally fit.

This definition gifts you the opportunity and challenge to think long term as well as take care of current minor ailments.  Additionally, if you are 50+ years old, thinking long term means thinking about aging… and how to do it successfully!

To enhance your self-care practices and reach a new level of well-being, it’s extremely helpful to receive support in various ways from specialized service providers. For example, if you have a major (or even minor) medical condition with a lot to manage, such as side-effects from medications, emotional issues, and/or lifestyle changes with complex decisions to make, having a support team can be the difference between your success or lack of…

If you’re thinking, “I’m not getting any younger, it’s time to kick in some self-care,” you’re not alone. In fact, this is one of the most common thoughts I hear echoed. I have found it’s best to start with small, consistent changes that create a large impact over time. So slow down and let your body get a taste of how good it feels to be proactive!

Let’s break the “gene myth” right now. Good genes may shape you but they don’t define you. On the other hand, self-care can define you. The benefits of self-care were analyzed by the Caerphilly Heart Disease Study and evidence showed a risk reduction in chronic diseases (including dementia and cognitive impairment) to be significantly associated with consistent self-care practices and a healthy lifestyle.

Growing into your future with health and grace is not only possible, it’s probable when you are willing to make small, incremental changes in your daily lifestyle. I can help walk you through this. Let’s do it together!