Overcome loss, fear and loneliness that can come with age

A 3-step workshop to stop aging & gain control of your future

You don’t see it coming and suddenly there it is: an uncertainty about your future, a body that’s changing, and possibly feeling like you’re starting to lose a little of who you’ve been your whole life.

Or maybe it’s a major health issue, sudden job loss, or the loss of your parents/spouse/friends/family members, or the narrowing down of options in your future as you face changes in health and finances.

Ladies, there is another way.

Join this workshop where you’ll learn the three steps to FEARLESS AGING, an approach to growing older that puts you in control of your aging options so you can thrive and live a long, vibrant life. 

Get these questions answered:

  • Can I really create the life I want in this next stage of my life?

  • What will aging mean for me?

  • Do I have to work until I die?

  • How can I avoid becoming a burden to others?

  • Will I age the way my parents did?

  • …and more!!

Take the guesswork out of what’s next in your life. Gain personalized aging strategies to thrive instead of just get by. You’ll walk away with tips, ideas and resources that expand your options for a fuller and more certain approach to your third stage of life. 

Finally, the “pill for anti-aging” is available

Workshop details:

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Location: Collective, 961 Gravenstein Hwy S, Suite 130, Sebastopol, CA
Cost: $47, pre-registration is required, no walk-ins

Who should attend:

Women in midlife who know that life can be better and want to make changes.

Our Fearless Speaker

Our Fearless Speaker

Your Presenter: Pat Sanborn, MA, MS

Pat is a health gerontologist, healthy ager, and founder of Fearless Aging. Her lifelong passion is helping people optimize their well-being and thrive through healthy lifestyle choices. Pat was a health planner for communities, government, and corporations for more than two decades. For the past 20 years, she has worked directly with thousands of aging families to guide them through major transitions. She currently teaches and coaches midlife women to create long and vibrant lives.