Meet Pat Sanborn

My childhood was diverse and interesting to say the least. My two brothers and I were “Navy kids;” relocating up to three times a year was the life we came to appreciate. I loved each “fresh start” and approached it as an adventurous new beginning. In retrospect, I attribute much of my resilience and adaptation to change to my effervescent childhood.

Midlife came on strong and pivotal changes arose. I learned quickly that skirting around the edges or avoiding discomfort was not a successful path. I discovered that in order to “get out” of challenging situations, I had to go in and through them.

It was at that point, I started my career in health education. During the writing of my master’s thesis on the body’s homeostasis for disease prevention, I discovered how many people create “fresh starts,” and look for ways to improve their health.

I have cherished and endorsed wellness, health education, and disease prevention over the span of 4+ decades. While working as a health educator, I was a single-parent of three teen-agers and caring for my mother. Following a serious fall she took, an interesting turn of events happened. Family caregiving became more challenging and I realized I had more questions than answers. I took a class in gerontology and it lead to completing a second master’s degree. Since then, I have worked as a health gerontologist & geriatric care manager for hundreds of families, children, siblings and centenarians. It’s become my mission to buck the aging system and create a better way to age.

Countless adult children told me they “don't want to age like their parents” who had multiple chronic conditions and medications with side-effects, immobility, and a low quality of life.

I am resisting the dominant themes about aging and instead bringing cutting edge education, prevention, and empowerment to support all midlife women in aging the way they want to.