Learning new ideas can come from many sources; it is extremely helpful to hear a variety of voices and messages from a wide range of development stages in the aging process. Pat speaks from her own experience, offers unique insights, and asks the harder questions. Your curiosity will be stimulated and your need for information, satisfied.

Be sure to keep track of where Pat is speaking next; each presentation will have new inspirations you will not want to miss! Check out our calendar.

“…This information is so important that more people have to hear it…”
— C.A., a seminar participant

You will learn brand new perspectives that provide uplifting awareness of just how magnificent aging can be. If you have ever “turned a blind eye,” you’ll now want to approach aging with your eyes wide open. New choices will most definitely emerge, opening you to possibilities you did not know existed.

“I was extremely impressed with your information and inspiration. I had not heard your way of putting it across out there…”                                   —B.K., Fearless Aging participant

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